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EPIC Week Recap


by Naomi Chan

This past week, EPIC launched its first annual EPIC Week: a week-long event to promote an entrepreneurial spirit on campus by engaging and empowering Northwestern students.
The idea of EPIC Week first came up last spring. We realized that although entrepreneurship has increasingly become popular on Northwestern’s campus, there still hadn’t been a university-wide initiative that allowed for students to realize their potential for entrepreneurship. Throughout the summer, we developed numerous ideas for activities that might best be able to invoke innovation and creativity from students. We revised the weekly schedule over and over again until we finally agreed on a combination of activities and events that we believed would inspire critical and unconventional thinking. Ultimately, we wanted the week to allow students to explore entrepreneurship and believe in themselves. By the time we returned to campus, we were able to quickly finalize the schedule and events and collaborate with the Farley Center to make sure that EPIC Week would be able to take place successfully.

Before we knew it, it was EPIC Week. We saw students, faculty, and even visitors participate in EPIC Week. It was simultaneously amazing and inspiring to see how engaged the Northwestern community was as people participated in activities such as attending a networking dinner with entrepreneurial alumni, brainstorming solutions to world problems, and watching a screening of “Big Hero 6.”
I believe that EPIC Week has had an incredibly positive impact on Northwestern’s campus. Students were reminded to believe in themselves and to stay true to their dreams for the future. I was proud to be part of a community of young people that pledged to make their own impact on the world.