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USC Hackers: Bringing Together a New Community


by Calvin LeGassick, Saadhya Singampalli

USC Hackers is an organized community of developers that encourages partnership and mentorship surrounding tech, hacking and prototyping.

The hacker community at USC first formed in early 2014 with the creation of Hack Nights. Hack Nights were a place where anyone could come and work on projects with free drinks and pizza. They provided a co-working space where hackers could meet up, hear about each other’s’ ideas and start on new projects together.

Now, we have adopted a new idea of a USC Hackers community, where hack nights and shared projects are an implication of the community we are trying to form, rather than an end result. We kicked off the year with a USC Hackers Orientation, where freshman learning computer science, or anyone else who is new to developing came to mingle, view projects made at past hackathons, and hear about the hacker events, workshops and mentorship opportunities. At this event, passionate hackers showcased their own creative, unique projects – everything from video games, to motion sensor music players, to mobile apps. Throughout the year, members of the community are encouraged to attend hackathons and other tech events together and rep the USC Hacker’s swag — we hope to empower the community to start hacking and continue hacking.