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Taking a Look at Trends: This Week’s Top 10


by CNECT Staff

This week’s collection of our staff’s favorite reads explore the current trends in business and entrepreneurship, offering valuable insights for those looking to get ahead of the latest and greatest. Check them out below!


Find Out What’s Happening in London’s Startup World

Forbes – 16 London Based Startups Ready to Take on 2016



What’s New with Bitcoins: Fighting for Survival?

Techcrunch – Is Bitcoins Promise Going up in Smoke?



See Just How Much Technology Affecting the Workplace

CNN – Job Losses Technology Five Million



These Days We Don’t Shop on Our Feet, We Shop With Our Fingers

Techcrunch – Smartphone Driven Holiday Sales Nearly Doubled in 2015



It’s the “Everyday Innovation”

Forbes – How micro-Innovations can Drive Breakaway Results



See How Money and Credit is Going Digital

Techcrunch – On the Future of Money and Credit



Take a Sneak Peak into the Future of Travel Tech Introduced in CES 2016, a Mammoth Technology Trade Show in Las Vegas

CNN – Is this the future of Travel?



The Cyborg Future: What Does it Entail?

CNN – Cyborg Neil Harbisson Implant Antenna



The Push of  Virtual/Augmented Reality

Techcrunch – Investments in Virtual/Augmented Reality Hit Nearly 700m



Let’s Reflect: Hottest Startups of 2015

Forbes – Hottest Startups