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Growth Hacking: Why You May be Interested


by Sienna Parker

In the age of start-ups, there are a lot of things to take into to consideration for a company to take off and be successful. Who will be on your team? How will you brand yourself? How will you get funding? While all these questions are extremely important, one of the most pivotal aspects of starting a new company is growth. Without growth it doesn’t matter how hard everyone on your team works and it doesn’t matter how well you branding yourself. And while you might get some initial funding because of a great idea, a great idea means nothing if you can’t attract customers.

So how does one get acquire a new customer base? There’s a new position that many start-ups are looking for that deals with the issues regarding growth and exposure. On job-boards and on company websites, start-ups around the world are looking for growth hackers. Growth hackers are not your traditional marketing specialists, hence the word “hacker”. While marketing focuses on the broad concept of exposure, growth hacking focuses on growing a specific number of customers. Growth hackers use a variety of methods to grow the customer base through online quantitative and analytical techniques especially. Growth hackers know where potential customers will be online and how to get them to be customers for their companies.

As the competitive landscape for start-ups becomes more saturated, having a large customer base can make or break a company. Marketing is still very important, but the increase in demand for growth marketers speaks volumes to how necessary the initial phases of growth are for a company. If you are considering starting your own business or working for a start-up, don’t overlook this new position. On the other hand, if you are looking for a remote job working for a start-up becoming a growth hacker might be the position for you. As many college students are tech savvy and interested in marketing, growth hacking is the perfect intersection of the two skills and can be a great and manageable job.