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Infographic: The Rise of the Ridesharing Industry


by Guest Writer

Ridesharing apps have taken over the world by storm and Europe is no exception. It’s the innovative and fun model of the ridesharing apps, which contributed to its robust growth. Everybody seems to be excited about the idea of sharing a ride with a fellow community member and save the fuel costs.

Today, ridesharing apps like Uber are the top runner among the billion dollar unicorns but, its co-founders agree to the fact that the idea for Uber hit them while they were staying in Paris; not to mention Bla bla car was already operating there with a similar model. Hence, we can arguably ascertain that the ridesharing started in Europe.

However, Uber is credited with raising the bar and taking it to a level where billions of people are members of one or the other of the leading ridesharing service like Uber and Lyft, which has become a popular term in the contemporary culture.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was built pretty fast in the case of ridesharing industry. For instance, Uber started their operations back in 2009 and spread it to Europe in 2011. In no time, it became the fastest tech startup to the billion dollar club and now, it is operating in more than 68 Countries with a whopping $62.5 billion valuation!

The explosive growth of ridesharing is visually traced in this infographic: