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Job Opportunity: Looking for the All-Singing, All-Dancing Tech Wizard!

Calling all techies! We have an opportunity to share with the CNECT community. See below!

We’re looking for the all-singing, all-dancing technical wizard who can work with databases, servers, systems engineering, and client app (IM)… Or at least is NOT afraid to tackle a challenge when it arises!

We are looking to transform the way people use mobile messaging in smartphones while introducing a new content format for mobile interactions.
So we’re building a platform that introduces a new mobile format, extends experiential magic between user interaction, provides new forms of information visualization.

About the Co-Founder Role
We are looking for a full stack developer to join our dev team of two. The main focus of this role will be working on our distributed network instant messaging platform. You will also have the opportunity to build green field products using up-to-date web technologies.

We work in an Agile development environment and maintain a variety of projects in a range of languages. We’re a remote team and are flexible to applicants who wish to work from outside the office.


About You

  • Excited by the idea of working in tech (though experience in the sector not essential).
  • Comfortable working within an agile environment, including pair programming, test driven development and continuous delivery.
  • Happy to work in a cross-functional team and work across projects as required.
  • Product-focussed, team-player
  • Will attempt to really understand the customer’s problem and ask relevant questions of the team before diving in.
  • Can build the design or work with the team to create a good design.
  • Is happy to work with the team to iterate on their feature, throw out half of it, until we get something great.
  • Really smart
  • Human readable code
  • Can deliver the first iteration in hours. Ships features in days.
  • Overcomes obstacles.
  • Writes good code the first time – we aim for zero technical debt.


  • Proficiency with the C# programming language…
  • Implementation experience with AngularJS, React or another modern JavaScript framework.
  • A strong understanding of web technologies and how they fit together (HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript).
  • A solid understanding of web application security and best practices.
  • Experience working with relational databases, especially Postgres and SQL Server or other.
  • Previous data warehousing experience would be an advantage, as well as instant messaging and cryptography.

Why join us?

Sweat Equity & Benefits. We need a Tech God! We love analytics, lean, automated testing (if not TDD) and agile – whatever makes us faster.


The team members working remotely from Canada, France and looking for USA (California).

Interested? Contact Adam @ a_bielski (at) ymail.com