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Visualizing Your Future


Daydreaming about your future may appear as images in your head; some linger while others flash only to disappear and become forgotten. The goals you have for yourself and your entrepreneurial ventures may seem hard or impossible to obtain because they are too far out in time. What if you captured those images in your head? What if you were able to physically see your goals in front of you? Your future that you see in your head could be in front of you on a cork board filled with an image of your idol, photos of your favorite buildings, or perhaps a piece of fabric from your childhood that symbolizes the feeling and culture you one day want for your own company.

Now go one step further, what if this physical visual of your future could give you a better chance at achieving those goals? We are not talking fortuneteller crystal ball type magic here, if that’s where you thought this was going, but instead a vision board displaying details of your life that you hope to one day fulfill.

“When we invest the time to visualize, in detail, we become more emotionally connected to our wished-for goals.”

TD Bank conducted a study on the benefits of vision boards and visual thinking, as explored in a recent Forbes.com article. Vision boards help entrepreneurs and their teams conceptualize their goals through an organized collection of images, photos, words and objects. The mapped details can represent finances, business goals, potential partners, and the personal goals of the entrepreneur. This physical displayed on the vision board thus encourages the entrepreneur and their team to emotionally connect to the goals in order to achieve them. Surveys reported that the goals mapped out through vision boards have helped 82% of small business owners accomplish more than half the goals they initially set for their business.

As a student balancing academic responsibilities and the start of an entrepreneurial venture, it is important to emphasize organization in your life. The assembly of visual representation for the goals you set for yourself could not only help you manage your current responsibilities but in the direction of your envisioned future. No crystal ball is going to predict and establish your future, but visual thinking can lead you to making your most sought after daydreams a reality.

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