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Hurry up and Fail


by Gabriela Escalante, Syracuse

Failure is scary. That’s a fact. Yet we continue to hear amazing stories of entrepreneurs who seem to fearlessly take over the market. Is there something wrong with us or are we surrounded by super humans? The taboo about failure can easily discourage others to share their stories of when things go wrong – which is why we tend to hear more about accomplishments. According to “6 Truths About Failure Every Entrepreneur Should Embrace”, there are six truths to keep in mind:

  1. Success can only come from failure.

Think about the most rewarding experience you ever had. Now, think about the action steps you had to take. Most likely, you didn’t succeed the first time.

  1. Curiosity naturally leads to failures.

When you are passionate about something, you become naturally curious. Curiosity leads you to act which may result in both finding opportunities and failures.

  1. Failure is an asset.

By definition, an asset represents value. Once we fail, we get the opportunity to learn from the experience. If anything, we should be able to identify how we could have avoided the mistake we made.

  1. Nobody wants you to fail.

And if someone does, then you are hanging out with the wrong crowd. When an idea gets negative feedback, we get the opportunity to learn about what leads that person to believe the business is not feasible. Next time you receive negative feedback, try asking a few more questions and see how you can improve on what you have.

  1. Failure should not be confused with quitting.

Quitting has no turning back, failure does. When we fail, we get the chance to stand back up. Once we stand back up, we can continue the journey.

  1. Each failure gets progressively easier.

Every entrepreneur can easily remember the first time they felt as if their business failed. Progressively, we learn to cope with the experience and focus on the solutions.

So, here’s my advice: hurry up and fail. Put your phone or laptop down and start trying. You won’t know until you try. In fact, you won’t know until you fail.