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Have a Vision: And Other Lessons Learned from an Entrepreneurship Conference


by Gabriela Escalante, Syracuse

A few weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) National Conference in Tampa. As you can imagine, the entrepreneurial energy was amazing. Students from all over the country got together to celebrate and learn more from successful startups.

The conference was a great place for networking, learning from others and finding the motivation to continue the entrepreneurial journey. Below, you can find a collection of thoughts and lessons learned while attending the conference:

It’s all about the right business model: Have you found a WIN-WIN-WIN business model? If yes, stick to it. The more people benefit from your business model, the more successful you will be. Think about Uber and Airbnb. Who benefits from the service? Users, providers and the company itself. WIN-WIN-WIN.

Have a vision: You know what they say “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up somewhere else.” It doesn’t matter whether you stick to your original vision or decide to change it a bit along the way. What matters is that you have a goal in mind so you can create clear action steps that will allow you to reach it.

In life, 95% is what you see and 5% what you don’t see: This quote is from Michael Ross, CEO Conference speaker and President of Mainstream Life Solutions. Michael talked about the importance of knowing that people have worked to be where they are. Every achievement, requires preparation. And since you’ll spend 95% of your time in the journey, you might as well enjoy it.

Finance is the language of business: Finance is the one thing you need to fully understand in order to succeed. Finances are the brain of the business that will allow you to become sustainable and then profitable. It’s a universal language which means that there shouldn’t be any gray areas.

If something doesn’t work, try something new: There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to make something work over and over again. If your social media strategy or business model isn’t working, it’s time to try something new.

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to continuously improve upon your knowledge by attending conferences, networking with other entrepreneurs and staying up to date with your industry. Make sure you identify the best places to learn.