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Job Opportunity: Looking for the All-Singing, All-Dancing Tech Wizard!

Calling all techies! We have an opportunity to share with the CNECT community. See below!

We’re looking for the all-singing, all-dancing technical wizard who can work with databases, servers, systems engineering, and client app (IM)… Or at least is NOT afraid to tackle a challenge when it arises!

We are looking to transform the way people use mobile messaging in smartphones while introducing a new content format for mobile interactions.
So we’re building a platform that introduces a new mobile format, extends experiential magic between user interaction, provides new forms of information visualization.

About the Co-Founder Role
We are looking for a full stack developer to join our dev team of two. The main focus of this role will be working on our distributed network instant messaging platform. You will also have the opportunity to build green field products using up-to-date web technologies.

We work in an Agile development environment and maintain a variety of projects in a range of languages. We’re a remote team and are flexible to applicants who wish to work from outside the office.


About You

  • Excited by the idea of working in tech (though experience in the sector not essential).
  • Comfortable working within an agile environment, including pair programming, test driven development and continuous delivery.
  • Happy to work in a cross-functional team and work across projects as required.
  • Product-focussed, team-player
  • Will attempt to really understand the customer’s problem and ask relevant questions of the team before diving in.
  • Can build the design or work with the team to create a good design.
  • Is happy to work with the team to iterate on their feature, throw out half of it, until we get something great.
  • Really smart
  • Human readable code
  • Can deliver the first iteration in hours. Ships features in days.
  • Overcomes obstacles.
  • Writes good code the first time – we aim for zero technical debt.


  • Proficiency with the C# programming language…
  • Implementation experience with AngularJS, React or another modern JavaScript framework.
  • A strong understanding of web technologies and how they fit together (HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript).
  • A solid understanding of web application security and best practices.
  • Experience working with relational databases, especially Postgres and SQL Server or other.
  • Previous data warehousing experience would be an advantage, as well as instant messaging and cryptography.

Why join us?

Sweat Equity & Benefits. We need a Tech God! We love analytics, lean, automated testing (if not TDD) and agile – whatever makes us faster.


The team members working remotely from Canada, France and looking for USA (California).

Interested? Contact Adam @ a_bielski (at) ymail.com


Growth Hacking: Why You May be Interested


by Sienna Parker

In the age of start-ups, there are a lot of things to take into to consideration for a company to take off and be successful. Who will be on your team? How will you brand yourself? How will you get funding? While all these questions are extremely important, one of the most pivotal aspects of starting a new company is growth. Without growth it doesn’t matter how hard everyone on your team works and it doesn’t matter how well you branding yourself. And while you might get some initial funding because of a great idea, a great idea means nothing if you can’t attract customers.

So how does one get acquire a new customer base? There’s a new position that many start-ups are looking for that deals with the issues regarding growth and exposure. On job-boards and on company websites, start-ups around the world are looking for growth hackers. Growth hackers are not your traditional marketing specialists, hence the word “hacker”. While marketing focuses on the broad concept of exposure, growth hacking focuses on growing a specific number of customers. Growth hackers use a variety of methods to grow the customer base through online quantitative and analytical techniques especially. Growth hackers know where potential customers will be online and how to get them to be customers for their companies.

As the competitive landscape for start-ups becomes more saturated, having a large customer base can make or break a company. Marketing is still very important, but the increase in demand for growth marketers speaks volumes to how necessary the initial phases of growth are for a company. If you are considering starting your own business or working for a start-up, don’t overlook this new position. On the other hand, if you are looking for a remote job working for a start-up becoming a growth hacker might be the position for you. As many college students are tech savvy and interested in marketing, growth hacking is the perfect intersection of the two skills and can be a great and manageable job.


USC Hackers: Bringing Together a New Community


by Calvin LeGassick, Saadhya Singampalli

USC Hackers is an organized community of developers that encourages partnership and mentorship surrounding tech, hacking and prototyping.

The hacker community at USC first formed in early 2014 with the creation of Hack Nights. Hack Nights were a place where anyone could come and work on projects with free drinks and pizza. They provided a co-working space where hackers could meet up, hear about each other’s’ ideas and start on new projects together.

Now, we have adopted a new idea of a USC Hackers community, where hack nights and shared projects are an implication of the community we are trying to form, rather than an end result. We kicked off the year with a USC Hackers Orientation, where freshman learning computer science, or anyone else who is new to developing came to mingle, view projects made at past hackathons, and hear about the hacker events, workshops and mentorship opportunities. At this event, passionate hackers showcased their own creative, unique projects – everything from video games, to motion sensor music players, to mobile apps. Throughout the year, members of the community are encouraged to attend hackathons and other tech events together and rep the USC Hacker’s swag — we hope to empower the community to start hacking and continue hacking.




Opportunities at the New England Venture Summit


by Ribhav Gupta

With a growing rise in early stage startups, the waters of venture capitalist funding have quickly grown muddy. As a means of providing necessary transparency on how venture firms decide where to invest, current trends in venture capitalism, and other means for acquiring assets, the youngStartup Ventures is to hold its annual New England Venture Capital Summit on December 9th. Registration information, as a general attendee, volunteer, or startup representative can be found on their website.

The summit is a prized opportunity for young entrepreneurs to dance toe-to-toe with dozens of the leading venture capital firms, with prominent names such as New Enterprise Associates, Intel Capital, and many other venture firms taking the stage this year.

An entrepreneur is born out of the ability to dream of building a better tomorrow and the dedication to pursue the dream. This event is geared towards those who dare to dream of building something special. For this reason, the venture firms speaking at the event all share one similarity: a dedication towards early stage startup investment. Each of these firms will speak on a host of topics ranging from what they look for in an early startup to smart strategies for creating capital by other means. It is this unique educational aspect of the summit, on the thinking style of venture firms, that has brought the summit to the spotlight.

The event is however two pronged, providing time for both education and interaction, by the use of many socializing hours. In general, socializing hours ( technically called networking hours) are not simply meant for mingling. This is precious time for early stage startups to get one on one time with prospective venture firms. For those not working at these startups, this time also serves as a perfect opportunity to get affiliated with the work these startups are doing and to search out potential work opportunities. The time split between learning and networking makes this one day summit a priceless opportunity for everyone, from the founder of a startup to anyone with a hankering to work on the frontlnes to change the world.

The fact is money makes the world go ‘round. Entrepreneurs pour their blood, sweat and tears into bringing concepts to life. They work to dedicate a potion of their lives to making the life of others better. Sadly, many of these innovations never make it to the market in order to help the masses, not because of concept failure but simply due to the fact that they are overlooked when it comes time for generating series funding. youngStartup Ventures aims to turn this around, creating opportunities for up and coming startups to turn their vision into reality.



Entrepreneurship at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management

Syr_Whitman_RGB_LG_Primary (2)

by EEE staff

The Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises (EEE) program is a flagship program at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management. Consistently ranked as one of the top entrepreneurship programs in the nation in terms of research, teaching, and outreach, EEE helps undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. students discover their innate entrepreneurial potential, giving them a set of tools and perspective to capitalize on that potential and help launch their careers. The underlying teaching philosophy of the EEE program is experiential learning. The entire program is dedicated to providing hands-on opportunities for students to live entrepreneurship, whether through starting their own companies, working with local startups or by engaging in consulting projects with established businesses or not-for-profits.

Whitman’s entrepreneurship program is designed to examine and enhance the connection between educational excellence and entrepreneurship ingenuity, offering specialized tracks and coursework in new venture creation, corporate entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and family business. The EEE faculty team of renowned scholars published nearly 40 books and articles in 2014-15, are editors at four leading international journals, and hold 21 editorial board positions at top journals.

About the Whitman School: The Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University was established as the College of Business Administration in 1919. In 1920, it was only the 16th collegiate business school in the nation to be accredited by the AACSB. Today, the Whitman School of Management includes programs in accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, management, marketing, real estate, retail management and supply chain management. In any given year, the Whitman School is home to nearly 2,000 doctoral, graduate and undergraduate students.